How To Make Any Electric Toothbrush Quiet (2020)

Electric brushes are great at performance and quite effective too, sometimes they start making noise while they are on.

It becomes so frustrating for you and your partner when you are brushing your teeth at midnight with a noisy electric toothbrush. It could disturb their sleep.

The easiest way to fix a noisy toothbrush is by wrapping it with a dense cloth like Microfiber cloth, Washcloth, or anything dense, which will help in compressing the noise of it or buy a new one which is tough for many.

So let’s talk about this in detail, what causes this and how you can simply fix it. Keep reading this article!

How To Make Any Electric Toothbrush Quiet

Steps to make an electric toothbrush quiet

#1. Find the source of the noise.

Before dealing with any problem, we first have to understand the root cause of it.

A noisy electric toothbrush is also a problem for us, and to fix it. You have to identify the source of its noise.

In order to do so, let’s first understand the components of an electric toothbrush.

Battery and Charging System

Since the toothbrush is electric, so no doubt it will have a battery, now, you have to understand that the battery can be the source of the noise.

Make sure to charge your toothbrush fully before analyzing it.

Once you charge your toothbrush, switch it on and check the region where the battery is placed.

If you feel that the battery region is creating noise, then it’s time to change your charging system.

But if your toothbrush doesn’t make any noise at 100% battery and it again starts making noise after using a bit.

In this situation, you need to keep your battery fully charged because your toothbrush’s battery is destroyed (Basically, Lithium-ion technology is destroyed).


A vibrator or motor is the most crucial component of an electric toothbrush.

It is responsible for the movement of threads placed on the head. The vibrator oscillates so that it can help the head to move back-and-forth for effective cleaning.

On average, a normal motor rotates at a speed of 25-26 rotations per second, and this is pretty fast for such a small oscillator.

Generally, this portion makes some noise, and to be honest, you can’t eliminate it, but yes, you can reduce it. Read the next section to learn a quick hack.


I am assuming that you have already checked the battery and vibrator section but couldn’t get any lead, then there are chances that your toothbrush head is making noise.

To figure it out, bring the head portion close to your ears and check if the noise is generated from it or not.

If in case the head is generating the noise then, you can replace your toothbrush head.

I would suggest a toothbrush heads replacement if you are using your toothbrush continuously for the last 3-4 months. Even for hygiene reasons, it is recommended.

If you are going to change your toothbrush’s head, then it is recommended not to buy a cheap one.

Instead, buy an appropriate head that is designed for your toothbrush specifically.

If you have changed the head and it is still making noise, then it may be because your toothbrush’s internal parts had faced enough wear and tear.


If till now you found nothing that could be generating the noise, then your toothbrush has some issue.

Inspect the body carefully, check for any damage or breakage. As the toothbrush gets old, there are chances that the body might get broken.

You can’t fix the noise generated by the toothbrush body entirely, but for a short period, you can reduce it or else buy a new one.

#2. Fixing the noisy toothbrush

You might have found the exact source of noise till now, and if you decided to fix it instead of buying a new pair or getting the parts replaced, then all you need is a small cloth.

Make sure the cloth is dense. The denser the material is, the lesser the noise you will hear.

Now, you have to wrap the toothbrush with the cloth, make sure you don’t cover the cleaning part (head) with it because it will directly affect the back-and-forth movement of your toothbrush.

Once you have wrapped the toothbrush, fix the cloth with a little bit of fabric adhesive.

Make sure you aren’t wrapping the toothbrush permanently because doing this will make your toothbrush a site for bacteria and germs to breed, and it will affect your health.

Wrapping the electric toothbrush will make it soundproof without affecting its effectiveness. The best materials to cover the toothbrush could be any from the following:

· Thick Blanket
· Microfiber Cloth
· Washcloth

If wrapping doesn’t help you, then, unfortunately, it’s the time to get a new toothbrush.

Quick Summary

Let me quickly summarize the whole guide so that if in case you have missed something from the guide, you can understand here.

First of all, you have to identify the actual source of noise in your electric toothbrush. For that, check the head, vibrator, batteries, charging system, and body.

All you need to do in this check is to listen to these components carefully so that you can understand if any of them is generating unusual noise.

Once you have found the source, then you need to check whether it needs a proper replacement or a fix. If it can be fixed, then take a dense small cloth and wrap your toothbrush with it.

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