How To Make Your Generator Quiet as Cricket

How To Make Your Generator Quiet as Cricket

A generator is the best thing which you can have in your home in case of a power cut or while camping.

The main problem which you might already know with a generator is that it produces unbearable noise.

You can buy a quiet generator to get rid of noise problems, but what if you already have a noisy generator?

Don’t worry in this article I will tell you the ways to make your generator quiet as cricket and also, some factors causing the noise.

How To Make Your Generator Quiet as Cricket

How To Make Your Generator Quiet as Cricket

Factors behind loud generator noise.

1) Generator Technology

A generator with new technology like inverter generator produces much less noise as compared to the conventional ones.

They are equipped with advanced stuff to muffle the noise.

They also have eco-mode, which makes them able to use less energy, so they produce less noise.

2) Vibration

One of the main reasons behind the noise produced by a generator is that it vibrates a lot.

What we do is that we place it on the concrete ground and shaky surface, causing it to vibrate more, thus producing higher noise.

Please don’t make this mistake and place it on a surface that can absorb vibration like rubber legs, mats, and carpets.

3) Energy Level

It’s very simple; the higher the power a generator produces, the higher the noise it emits.

There is a wide variety of generators with different power ranges, so choose one with low power if you want a quiet environment.

Sometimes high power is also necessary, like if you are using it in your home, but a low power one can do the job while you are camping.

So consider a low power generator like an inverter one if you want to save your ears and sleep during camping.

4) Generator Placement

While placing or keeping your generator, you should be very careful.

Now obviously, if you place your generator inside your house or near your camping place, you will hear more noise.

The simplest thing which you can do is to place your generator away from you, but don’t put it near to someone else.

You need more cable to increase the distance of a generator from your site.

As I already told you, don’t place your generator on the bad surface and always use some noise absorbing material.

Ways to make your generator quiet as cricket.

I already told you about the factors which make your generator noisy and how to solve it.

Ways to make your generator much quieter

1) Put generator inside an enclosure

Placing your generator inside an enclosure is the most effective way to reduce the noise of a generator, but it requires some effort to build one.

You need to put a generator inside an enclosure like a sound box, which will significantly reduce the noise.

You can build such enclosures by yourself to save money since it’s quite easy, but you have to be very careful about ventilation.

If you don’t give proper ventilation, your generator will overheat, and it will cause a lot of damage to it.

2) Use sound deflectors

Using deflectors is the simplest way to reduce a good amount of generator noise.

If you don’t know about deflection, then it disturbs or deflects noise from directly reaching you.

We need 4 plywood and 1 drywall for deflecting generator noise.

Use sound deflectors

Credits – Archello

Place the plywood on all sides of the generator and drywall sheet on the exhaust side.

Place all of them with such an angle that it deflects noise to the ground.

This simple trick can reduce noise up to 10 DB, if you think that it’s not enough, then try this, you will feel much difference in sound.

3) Upgrade muffler of generator

The exhaust is one of the noisiest parts of a generator, and a muffler muffles or suppresses the noise and pitch coming out of it.

Some say that muffler decreases few decibels, which actually makes a difference in the real world, but the main thing that it does is that it also reduces pitch.

Reducing the pitch of sound increases the quality of sound, which means that it will make noise much soothing and adorable to you in the same decibels.

So it’s a good idea to upgrade the muffler of your generator and place a big muffler like the automotive one.

4) Change the direction of an exhaust pipe

Change the direction of the exhaust pipe

Changing the direction of an exhaust pipe is another simple trick to reduce some noise coming out of a generator.

You just need to change the position of the exhaust pipe from horizontal to vertical.

As you already know, a generator releases a good amount of noise from the exhaust pipe.

Changing the direction of the pipe away from your home or to vertical will not let the sound wave directly come to you, resulting in reduced noise.

5) Place it behind shelf or furniture

Place generator behind furniture

If you don’t want to make or buy a soundbox, then you can simply place your generator behind a shelf or some big furniture.

The furniture will absorb some noise produced by the generator, giving you relief to some extent.

6) Water is life

Just like water is life for us, it can also bring life in your generator by reducing its noise.

You can use water to muffle the noise of a generator.

Just connect a hose or flexible pipe to exhaust and place another end of the tube to a bucket filled with water.

So now the noise will go in the water, and it will muffle the sound which will give you some peace.

The main problem with this trick is that water can enter your generator and can damage it.

Just cut a small hole anywhere in the pipe, which will ensure that water doesn’t go inside your generator.

A small hole will not leak much noise, so don’t worry, but saving your generator is more important than anything else.

7) Buy a quiet generator

I have just mentioned some tricks which can give you some relief, but it will not make your generator quiet in reality. It’s not a long term solution.

For the long term, consider buying a quiet generator.

A quiet generator is costly because it comes with new technology, but peace should be your main priority than money.

Still, if you can’t spend that much, then you are most welcome to follow the tricks mentioned in this article.

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