Best Quietest Garage Door Openers To Make Your Garage Silent in 2021

If you have been getting pretty pissed by the grating and annoying sounds that emanate when you open your garage doors, maybe it’s time to invest in a quieter option.

Many people have gone to great lengths in soundproofing their homes while ignoring their garage door openers. You can’t have the quiet you crave if you still use those old-fashioned openers, why not invest in any of the new, improved best quietest garage door openers for your garage on the market?

For clarity, the best quiet garage door openers are more than just an open and close system. It’s a well-designed home improvement appliance that comes in different sizes.

These door opening systems can be belt-driven, chain-driven, screw-driven, or mounted on the wall. The ultra-quiet models are what we will be looking at here.

You also need to watch out for garage door openers that you can control anywhere via Wi-Fi connectivity.

In a hurry? Here’s our #1 pick for the best quiet garage door opener:

Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled and MAX Lifting Power

Made by the Chamberlain Group, the B970 Smartphone-control Wi-Fi garage door opener is a sturdily built and designed garage door opener that’s belt-driven.

This Chamberlain B970 makes use of the Lift Power System to ensure it delivers a maximum lifting capacity of up to 7-feet.

There’s a dedicated smartphone app (MyQ) that lets you control (open/close) your garage door with ease as well as receive updates about your garage door’s status.

Quietest Garage Door Opener Reviewed

Pick #1: Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled and MAX Lifting Power

The Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 is a super-strong, ultra-quiet, highly durable, and steel-reinforced belt drive garage door opener. It is innovatively engineered with smart technology to simplify your life by enabling you to manage activities.

The Chamberlain B970 is constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions and use. It is precision-engineered with anti-vibration technology designed for decades of smooth performance and reliability. If you have an attached garage, the Chamberlain B970 is the perfect choice for you.

The Lift Power System that this Chamberlain garage door opener comes with delivers optimum lifting capacity. And its MyQ App and built-in Wi-Fi can be set so you can open, close, and receive alerts about the overall status of your garage door opener.

The Chamberlain B970 features a full-function control panel, highly improved Triband technology for superior performance, range, minimized interference, and a wireless keypad. It is designed for 7-feet garage doors, though you may need extension kits if you own 8-feet or 10-feet garage doors.


  • Easy-to-use proprietary mobile application
  • Smartphone control
  • Ultra-quiet and convenient
  • Triband technology for enhanced performance
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Handy motion sensor lights
  • Ability to open remotely


  • No Ethernet port
  • No wired option
  • The use of some features may require a subscription.

Pick #2: Genie SilentMax 1200 Model 4042-TKH Garage Door Opener

The Genie SilentMax 1200 Model garage door opener is another excellent option for those with attached garages to their homes. It comes with a 140V DC motor that is incredibly lightweight and operates smoothly and quietly.

This means your family or neighbors will never be disturbed by the noise of your garage doors opening or closing. The Genie SilentMax 1200 Model comes with a soft start-and-stop feature that offers smooth traveling of the garage doors.

This is a remarkable improvement over AC motors. The Genie SilentMax garage door opener is powerful enough to operate nearly all residential garage doors, even if they up to 7 feet high. If you own an 8-feet garage door, you may need the use of extension kits that are sold separately.

The Genie SilentMax 1200 Model comes with a built-in motion sensor or detector that automatically switches on overhead lights for added security and convenience.

It comes equipped with Intellicode Security technology which helps to prevent unauthorized access to your garage.

The SilentMax comes with a Limited Lifetime Motor and Gearbox Warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Quiet motor
  • Comes with Limited Lifetime Motor and Gearbox Warranty
  • Comes with an instruction guide for installation
  • Swift response when the toll-free phone number was called and issues resolved almost immediately.


  • Users complained of issues with the main control board.
  • Non-adjustable sensors

Pick #3: Chamberlain Group B550 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet with MED Lifting Power

This Chamberlain Group B550 is another quiet, durable, steel-reinforced, and super-strong garage door opener. It comes with smart technology for more control, making it the best option for attached garages.

This garage door opener is precision-engineered, delivering one of the highest lifting capacities on this list compared to the ½ power class.

The Chamberlain Group B550 comes with a proprietary Chamberlain MyQ App and built-in Wi-Fi for receiving real-time alerts, open and close your garage doors, as well as knowing the status of your doors anywhere you are.

The Chamberlain B550 garage door opener comes equipped with a high level of encryption and monitoring. You can pair it easily with your Wi-Fi router firewalls and your home ISP to prevent hacking or unauthorized access.

It works perfectly with 7-feet garage doors; for 8-feet to 10-feet garage doors, an additional or extension kit will be required. The Chamberlain B550 accepts up to two 26-watt max CFL light bulbs or 100-watt max non-halogen bulbs, though these are not included in the package.


  • Quiet and functional
  • Smartphone control
  • Attractive and easy to install
  • Easily controlled over the internet.


  • Users have to subscribe to enjoy full functionalities.

Pick #4: Genie QuietLift Connect Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener with Added Wireless Keypad

The Genie QuietLift Connect belt drive openers come with a DC motor. Paired with a durable, steel-reinforced belt which makes this ultra-quiet garage door opener one of the perfect choices for garages attached to living spaces.

There’s an integrated Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi smartphone technology. This enables you to add your garage door as part of your smart home appliances.

You can even turn your garage into a Wi-Fi garage, thanks to the Genie Aladdin Connect free smartphone app. The latter allows you to create virtual keys for specific users via their own application.

You can activate the Genie Safe-T-Beam garage door safety sensors to ensure your family’s safety. It also helps prevent accidents, thanks to the infrared beam of light that turns on across the door opening.

And you can use the Genie QuietLift Connect with Alexa or Google Assistant to keep your house securely and seamlessly connected.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • No subscription service for all smart home features
  • Lamps on either side provide adequate light. For best results, add LEDs
  • The excellent range on remote keys. Works if you are at least 75 feet away
  • The application allows you to set up simple rules for opening or closing at
  • intervals or after specific periods have elapsed.


  • No IFTTT
  • Google Assistant integration might be difficult.
  • No way at all to close or open your garage doors natively via Google Home

Pick #5: LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Opener

The LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Opener is an elite series model fully equipped with the MyQ app and security 2.0. The MyQ technology enables you to securely control and monitor your house lights and garage door opener via your smartphone, tablet, or even a computer.

If your power supply is out, there is no need to fret as the LiftMaster 8500 comes with a battery backup. You need to get 475lm batteries for maximum performance.

This Liftmaster 8500 wall-mounted garage opener frees up lots of space for additional storage.

This makes it the perfect product of choice for obstructed ceilings and cathedrals.


  • Ultra-quiet as it eliminates vibrations and sounds through the ceiling.
  • Battery backup system
  • The space-saving design of the Liftmaster 8500 is great, as it mounts on the wall beside your garage doors, thereby freeing up your ceiling space.


  • Not compatible with rollup garage doors
  • You may need to use a front mount torsion bar system.

Pick #6: SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive 1.0 HP

The SOMMER 1052V000 Direct-Drive is a unique door opener as it comes with Europe’s state-of-the-art direct drive technology. This unique garage door opener has only one moving component or part.

The motor glides seamlessly or smoothly along the chain that is embedded within a sturdy steel rail.

The SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive is an ultra-quiet garage door opener with a vibration isolation system that releases zero vibrations. This is why it is considered the best option for individuals with living spaces right above a garage.

The SOMMER 1052V000 features a soft start and stop technology as well as a maximized lifting force. This is possible since the motor is located at the door instead of the back of the opener.

Remarkably, this is one of the best garage door openers on the market and the only one that offers a lifetime warranty on its entire drive system, not just the motor and belt.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy to install
  • Direct Drive Technology for quieter operation
  • Homelink compatible
  • Soft start and stop technology optimizes safety and maximizes door life.
  • Capable of mid-stop
  • Less moving parts for quieter operation and longevity.


  • There are a few complaints about customer service.

Pick #7: SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C 1/2HPF Garage Door Opener with Extremely Quiet DC Motor

The SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C is a garage door opener powered by a 1/2 HPF motor for extremely quiet operation and performance. It comes with a push-button, built-in 12W LED for long-lasting illumination as well as a 1-button remote control with rolling code technology.

The SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C is a chain-driven garage door opener and features the unique soft-start and soft-stop functionalities to minimize wear and tear on the mechanical parts and the motor.

There’s a backup battery system which is sold separately along with a built-in LED light. These ensure the garage door opener remains functional even if there is a sudden power outage.

The SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C takes security seriously as it comes with a secure rolling code technology that swiftly generates unique codes for each remote activation. Encrypted codes are generally different from previous ones.

With this tech, your neighbors can’t accidentally open your garage doors just because they use Skyline remotes as well, making it one of the best garage door openers for security concerns.

The SKYLINK Atoms ATR-1611C comes with a user manual, the main garage door opener unit, etc.


  • Great product
  • Rolling code technology
  • Easy to install
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Built-in LED for illumination.


  • Manual, feels outdated.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener for You

By this time, you can’t really make up your mind whether to go for a belt-driven or chain-driven garage door. You’re probably thinking if to purchase an AC motor opener over the DC option.

If that is the case, you may have to consider some factors before choosing the right garage door opener.

Each of these factors will influence the type of garage door opener you should purchase. Here are those factors in no particular order:

Size and Weight of the Garage Door

There is a reason why you should consider this factor first before any other. Determining your garage

door’s overall size and weight will enable you to know precisely how much HP your quiet garage door opener will require.

Horsepower (HP) refers to the force that is behind the operation of your garage doors.

HP ratings range from 1/3 on cheaper and smaller models to 1 1/2 on high-end models or systems.

Standard garage doors are typically made of aluminum which requires less power to operate. But they can be very slow. You should always bear in mind that the higher the HP needed to lift a garage door, the higher the noise level (discussed later) will be.

Let’s say you have a garage door that is approximately 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

This is almost the size of one car or vehicle. The perfect device motor that will power this garage door is 1/3 HP.

But what if your garage doors weigh up to 500 pounds and are made of wood? The best option is to go for a 3/4 HP. They are also the ideal option for much wider garage doors.

If you make use of your garage door several times a day, you should get this model.

Drive Type

By now, you already know that garage door openers operate in several ways. For instance, a belt-drive garage door opener lowers and raises doors with a belt and runs quietly and more smoothly than its counterparts.

Chain drive garage door opener for instance uses a metal chain to operate. They are inexpensive and capable of handling heavy garage doors. The only downside with chain drive openers is that they can be extremely noisy.

Screw drive garage door openers are also relatively quiet. They lift doors with a threaded steel rod and don’t usually require a lot of maintenance. Another option is the direct-drive garage door opener which functions as a single unit. The entire contraption moves to lift the garage door.

There is also the wall-mounted garage door opener option popular known as jackshafts.

This model uses a motor that drives cables and pulleys to turn the torsion bar, thereby raising the door.

They work smoothly on various door types and are excellent space savers. However, they can be pretty expensive.

Direct-drive garage door openers are generally considered the smoothest and quietest mechanisms available today.

Noise Level

The type of opening mechanism that comes with your garage door determines the noise produced by the garage door opener. Another factor of noise to consider has to do with whether your garage is empty or full. Empty garages make more noise, and vice versa.

If you have adequate living space above your garage, opt for an opener that sits right by the side of the garage doors. Do not go for the model that is installed in the ceiling as you may have to contend with vibrations each time the doors are operated.

Door opening models that are positioned by the side of your garage doors prevent vibrations from disturbing your peace.

You can measure noise via vibration counts. A quiet product or model vibrates far less than a louder one. Quiet garage door openers typically come with a vibration and sound insulation chamber.

This could make your choice of garage door opener slightly costlier than usual. But it makes sense to go for noise reduction options as the benefit you will derive is heavenly.


You need to consider the HP of your garage door opener. In most cases, 1/2 HP works for most garage doors in new homes.

Heavier solid wood doors require 3/4 HP to lift or lower with ease. You can also get your hands on 1 and 11/2 HP models, though they are much better fits for special or commercial situations.

Ease of Use

The age of the smartphone and connectivity has made it easier to use quiet and smart garage door opener today. These new and innovative keyless systems enable you to use your smart devices as a remote door opener. You can close, open, and even monitor your garage doors when you are far away from home.

Keyless entries allow you to connect via a Wi-Fi router easily. Therefore, be on the lookout for this remarkable feature as you shop for the right garage door opener.

Another vital advantage that keyless systems offer is the ability to open up your garage doors for deliveries. This is much better than leaving your goods outside or on your doorstep where they can be ruined by rain, snow, etc.

And anybody could even steal your deliveries since they are not secure outside.

Moreover, you can use the power of remote control technology (discussed next) to grant members of your household access to the house.

Remote Control Technology

The most common tool used for remote control technology is the smartphone. However, other systems that utilize remote control technology are also now in the picture. Car2U and HomeLink are in-car alternatives or options that enable you to use remotes to close and open garage doors.

Tri-Band remote control technology is another alternative that can even operate on 3 separate frequencies. What makes it even more astonishing and powerful is that you can access your door opener from a range of more than 1,000 feet.

This makes for incredibly convenient access. All that is left is to make sure you don’t lose your remote controls!


Safety should always be your #1 priority when operating any equipment, door openers included. Most garage doors are heavy, and when you open them, they usually suspend right overhead.

This is why you should always go for a door opener that throws a light beam across the opening of your garage. When the opener senses the beam is being interrupted, it prevents the garage door from closing.

Some door opener systems are designed to sense precisely when the door has touched a person or object on its path to the ground. This reverses the closing process, or won’t allow the garage door to close.

Safety sensors should be a priority and part of the factors you should consider as you shop for a quiet garage door opener. And they help to ensure your pets and kids stay safe!

Battery Backup Systems

It makes sense to connect your garage door opener to the mains in your home to derive power. However, you need to also consider what will happen if you experience a power cut due to storms, an accident, etc.

Getting locked up inside your garage because your garage door opener has suddenly lost its source of power is not funny. At least, not when you need to go for an appointment within minutes.

This is where a garage door with a battery backup comes in. Battery backup systems – mostly the 12-volt backups – ensure continued operation. Having one of such systems installed alongside your garage door opener ensures your safety and security features remain active at all times.

Therefore, make sure you get a garage door opener that comes with a battery backup.

AC Motor vs. DC Motor

Two types of motors generally drive garage door opening. They are direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). And for several reasons, DC motor-powered openers are the standard option in the market these days.

Bear in mind that the number of times you will use the garage door opener will determine the type of motor to go for. AC motor-powered products are for those who open their doors multiple times a day without minding the noise.

However, DC motor-powered garage door openers are smaller, faster, quieter, and operate much more smoothly than their AC motored counterparts. If you don’t want any noise at all when using your garage door opener, then go for a DC motor-powered garage door opener.

What is more, DC motor-powered garage door openers come with additional features such as soft-stops and soft-start, etc. This is an exceptional technology that significantly reduces wear and tears on the garage door and the motor.

DC motor-powered garage door openers often offer battery backup systems. Therefore, for lower noise levels, less electricity consumption, as well as prevention of accidents, a DC motor-powered garage door opener is the best option.


As far back as 1993, every garage door opener manufacturer has been mandated to add a unique reversing mechanism to the garage door openers. The primary reason for this addition is to prevent the sudden or unexpected closure if a pet, child, or even car gets in the way.

But if you need additional security features other than this basic but unique security feature, you may have to pay extra cash for your customized option.

There is no problem or issue if you choose to make safety a top priority as you should.

Experts recommend opting for a garage door opener model that automatically changes all access codes after every use to prevent break-ins.

To prevent problems of hackers quickly accessing the code that secures your garage door opener, make sure your unit comes with a built-in rolling code or encryption technology.


Installing garage doors is not a walk in the park. It could be potentially dangerous and not something to be taken lightly. You should never gamble with it even if you think you are good at handling DIY projects.

If you dot install your garage doors properly, it could fall and cause severe damage to your garage. And it could also hurt you if you are caught in the middle.

This is why experts highly recommend that you hire a well-trained and reputable professional to install your garage doors for you. However, when it comes to maintenance, you can handle all that by yourself. Just make sure you follow the dedicated guide to garage door repairs.


What happens if you somehow forget to close your garage door while hurrying to work or an appointment?

You are left with two options: go back home to close your garage doors for security purposes or reach out to a neighbor to assist you.

These options are stressful and can be avoided. For this and other reasons, some quiet garage door openers come with several options that can help contain such situations.

Some of the features include:

  • The use of Apps over Wi-Fi.
  • The use of remote control technology
  • The use of voice assistant software, such as Google Home, Alexa, etc.

The option of using voice assistants like Google Home, Alexa, etc. works best if

you own a smart home’ which may be limiting.

However, using apps over Wi-Fi is very handy when you are far away from home. This is why experts highly recommend this option.


One of the most important factors to consider as you shop for your ideal quiet garage door opener is the price. It doesn’t make sense to waste your hard-earned money on an over-inflated garage door opener.

You should also not discard budget-friendly options, especially if they possess every one of the features you require. As long as your choice of garage door opener is quiet and highly durable enough to meet your needs, then go for it.

What Type of Garage Door Opener is The Quietest?

A belt-driven option is the quietest garage door opener you can get. But, let’s go through the different types of garage door openers so you can better understand:


This type of garage door opener operates by using a rubber belt to move the trolley.

Belt drive openers are incredibly quiet and require far less maintenance than their counterparts.

However, belt drive openers come at not-so-pocket-friendly rates. So, if you’re considering a belt drive system, be sure you have the budget for it.


A Chain drive opener is durable and pocket-friendly, i.e. they are usually affordable. They make use of metal chains to drive trolleys up and down to open and close the garage doors.

The predominant disadvantage of chain drive garage door openers is that they can be very noisy when operated. If you don’t have the budget for a belt drive opener and can overlook purchasing an ultra-quiet garage door, a chain drive product will be just fine.


A screw drive garage door opener is the best option if speed is a priority for you. This type of garage door opener makes use of threaded steel rods to move the door up and down.

This occurs by wrapping the wire around the rod as the door pulls up. Then, as the door is let down, the wire unravels itself from the steel rod.

Screw drive garage door openers are highly reliable, durable, and operate quietly. However, the biggest downside of this garage door openers model is that it requires lots of maintenance. This involves mostly replacing the wire when it is worn.

Moreover, screw drive garage door openers are not so strong that they can handle heavier or larger doors. It is the perfect option for single-car doors.


Wall-mounted garage door openers are known as jackshafts. They work by using motors that drive cables and pulleys to turn the torsion bar and raise or lower the doors.

Direct drive

A direct drive system uses a motor that functions as a trolley. This means that the whole motor moves smoothly along the rail.

Since this type of system doesn’t come with multiple moving parts, they run very quietly with minimal vibration.

Why Do You Need a Quiet Garage Door Opener?

The reason is quite simple enough. No one wants to live in a house where every panel makes enough noises to wake up the dead. A garage is also part of your home. And so it must be quiet as well.

It has become somewhat ‘normal’ for garage openers to be noisy when operated, which may annoy your neighbors. And if you live in a very nice neighborhood, they may not want to tell you about it, but will secretly resent you.

But when you have an ultra-quiet product, you will always enjoy a nap in the afternoon or a goodnight’s uninterrupted sleep without getting bothered. This is even much more crucial if you share a common wall with your neighbors.

Your neighbors will never bore you to death with complaints if you own or operate a noiseless garage door opener.

The latter also helps if you own a living space that is right above your garage. Quiet garage door openers hardly vibrate and will always help keep the elderly, the kids, and others around you worry-free.

Most quiet garage door openers often run on batteries, DC, or Wi-Fi. This culminates in low consumption of energy and low electricity bills as well.

These are more than enough reasons to own or operate an ultra-quiet garage door opener.


By now, you should be ready to buy your quiet garage door opener. You’re free to choose any of the best garage door openers on this list.

Based on our research, reviews, user-friendliness, ratings, etc., the best quiet garage door opener is the Chamberlain Group Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt Drive

Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and MAX Lifting Power.

This is a super-strong, ultra-quiet, and highly durable steel-reinforced, belt drive garage door opener. It comes with smart technology that simplifies your life, and its smooth performance is second to none.

This ultra-quiet opener’s rating is through the roof amongst several reviewers and as such, comes highly recommended.

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