How to Reduce Road Noise in Car & Make It Quiet

How to Reduce Road Noise in Car

Have you ever got frustrated when you are in the car doing your work, and some noise from the outside starts to annoy you?

How do you react in those moments?

I think you might start feeling frustrated and wanting to stop doing your work while complaining about the extra noise.

Fewer distractions usually tend to increase overall productivity.

Anyway, this might waste a bit of your time. It may also happen when you are on a call, reading some books or emails, or anything that requires focused attention.

You can reduce the noise problem by applying some easy and effective methods that I am going to discuss in this article. These are simple and affordable things that generally anyone can do on their own.

But first, Let’s dive in & learn about the basics of car soundproofing.

Introduction to Car Soundproofing

The roads are full of distractions. People are banging their horns, Music playing at the side street and various other scenarios.

Usually, an average person would find these sounds pretty annoying, which can result in getting their mood off.

Car Soundproofing is a technique that is used to minimize the external noise entering your car, enabling you to drive or stay peacefully in your car.

So that you know, Soundproofing a car doesn’t mean to cancel all the sound coming to your vehicle.

Instead, it’s a process of making the sound a bit minimal. Canceling the complete noise can be very dangerous and may result in severe accidents.

By using the car soundproofing techniques mentioned below, you can quickly minimize the amount of sound that enters your car.

How to Reduce Road Noise in Car

How to Reduce Road Noise in Car

Reasons, Why your car isn’t soundproof to road noise

Most of the modern-day cars now come up with inbuilt soundproofed doors, but as time passes by, their insulation tends to go away.

With time, engine, doors & other parts of the car are no longer able to support the insulation. Hence, resulting in more noise coming inside your vehicle.

Insulation, by definition, is compression of the sound. There are various sheets or things involved in this which helps bounce back the most of the noise and reduces it.

In extreme scenarios, It can be dangerous to your health, as continually listening to loud noises may cause heart problems, diabetes, and hypertension.

Easy Methods to Reduce the Road Noise

1. Use Dynamat

Dynamat is a simple and cost-effective method that can be used to start the soundproofing process.

All you need to do is to buy some Dynamat sheets which are readily available in the market.

You can find them either in an offline market or order from online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Dynamat sheet to soundproof your car to the road noise.

Dynamat sheet to soundproof your car to the road noise.

Dynamat is made of butyl rubber with a foil layer on one side which absorbs the noise and an adhesive on the other side, which helps it to stick to the surface.

Dynamat absorbs the sound coming towards it, keeping the road noise down.

It is a very commonly used method to soundproof because of its cost-effective and easy-to-do nature.

You can apply Dynamat sheets to the bottom of your car floor.

In the front seats, to be precise as most of the noise you hear usually comes from the bottom or front side of the car.

I highly recommend you go through this method and execute it to see good results.

2. Use Soundproof Mats

It is somewhat similar to the previous reference, but a permanent fixture to the mat of your car.

Soundproof Mats are made up of closed-cell foam and mass loaded vinyl which adds insulation to keep the noise as well as cold away from your car.

You will need to fix soundproof mats within your car so that they absorb the extra noise & significantly reduce the sound quantity.

You can get them fixed from a nearby mechanic or garage, or if you want to get your hands dirty in the field, you can try to fix it yourself as well.

Mats turn out to be the best option you can use. They will give a premium look to your car and also feels good at the bottom.

A pretty solid choice for you to go after if you are looking for an automotive solution.

3. Use Soundproof Doors

This is another method in which you can work on soundproofing your whole door.

Some people only soundproof windows or floors, but you can soundproof your doors to make noise reduction upto an extinct.

This method is a bit frustrating; It may take some effort and time as well.

In this method, you have to soundproof your doors with the help of foam insulator or soundproof mats.

If you’re thinking of going this way, you will need to get some proper sound insulations for your door.

Usually, they’re somewhat expensive but worth every penny that you spend.

They’ll make sure that you have a good time driving around.

You can easily buy them from online shopping portals like Amazon.

4. Use Soundproof Sprays

Sprays are one of the cheapest methods for soundproofing, but they’re not as effective according to me.

If you are a person who doesn’t go around in a boisterous, crowdy place often, you should give this a thought.

You can use soundproofing sprays at many places in your cars, such as doors and windows.

The best thing about them is, you don’t need any other special equipment to apply it to the surface.

Use soundproof Sprays to reduce the extra noise inside your car.

Use soundproof Sprays to reduce the extra noise inside your car.

These soundproof sprays are made up of acrylic binder with sound dampening particles. These are water-based sprays that can be applied using the paint guns, compressors, or any other mixture.

These sprays will help you reduce the extra noise.

Soundproof sprays are readily available for an effective price on Amazon; I recommend you read some reviews before buying.

Give it a try if you want to experience some calmness in your car.


These are some of the bonus methods, Keeping them on your checklist would definitely help you out:

  • Check your engine frequently.
  • Change your engine oil after a certain distance is traveled.
  • You can insert a new music system in your vehicle so that you not focus on other sounds from outside and will enjoy the music.

How to measure the change after applying these tips?

Install an app called Decibel Meter on your mobile phone, so that you can test out the amount of the sound before and after applying the following methods of soundproofing.

Compare the two readings and check if the results are significant or not.


Having a seamless experience and less irritating noise from outside will help you focus more on your work or in your driving effectively without getting stressed.

Apart from mental relief, there are a bunch of health benefits as well.

I hope that the methods I told were helpful to you.

If you found them helpful, It would mean the world to me if you share them on your social media.

Also, if you have any other strategies to tackle this problem or any other query in general, feel free to comment down below. I would love to help everyone. I will see you in my next guide.

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